Custom Sneaker of the Week 10/18/2019 DEPOT BATTLE

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diy hall tree with shoe storage

Happy Friday Mother Flowers!

I'm really excited that due to popular demand (all 7 of you lol) that wanted us to bring back the Depot Battle. YOU NOW HAVE SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR!

So this week we're pitting 5 of you glorious sneaker Customizing bastards against each other to see who will be crowned this weeks best custom sneaker!

The 5 customizers with a brief description of what was done go in no particular order (or at least from the page that i'm looking at I HOLD NO BIAS since I'm not voting and its up to you the voter, not kenny)

1- MattBcustoms - Nike AF1 _CartoonFreestyle - Abstract checkmark and painting

2- NikoSwoosh - Kanagawa Swoosh - the pink wave custom painted nike AF1

3- Lacedby_liv - 90's Cartoon Nike Air Max 90's - Rugrats theme

4- StarlineCustoms - Freestyle Kaws Nike AF1 - DUH! it has the kaws eyes on it!

5- CustomsByBB - Nike Air Max 1 "Tie Dye" - The really colorful one!

I will be creating seperate posts for these so by golly go check the links above to see them separately.

Please be sure to vote below for whom you will be choosing as well as showing us love on the internets and letting your friends know what we're doing here!


diy hall tree with shoe storage

  • Josh

    Tried to vote for Starline twice but it keeps clicking on the liv one!
    It won’t let me click Starline

  • Sally

    It’s not letting me leave my email?! I vote for Starline customs Kaws

  • Kaitlyn

    Starline customs! Fr

  • Brian

    Kaws ftw

  • Jay

    Sick but starlinecustoms are just on another level

diy hall tree with shoe storage

Great product, will gladly buy again.
The socks are big and bulky and they only have 8% wool.
They should not be called wool socks
Hubby loves these glasses.
I bought it for my boyfriend and he loves it. He likes the pull tab that helps pull out the cards.
Nice but had to buy small. I'm 6'0 180 lbs. Medium were too big for me.
Great cushioning and no pilling so far.
Love it!
Nice quality shirts
I like the color, the fabric is very nice, they have a nice fit , cant wait to wear them on vacation
Very pretty bag. Authentic Michael Kors.
He loved it
My grandma was so excited for me to give this to her as a gift! Makes an amazing present for your favorite grandma or granddaughter.
Make sure to order LARGER than what you normally Buy, and get tall if you can
Not what I expected. Ultra thin and lousy compression. But thats just my opinion. I was really disappointed. The good news is that Ill only lose $28.99.
Really loved the earrings when they arrived but after wearing them they loose their shine. Have to keep wiping them down, since they become dull after use. I'm not sure how long the color will last but they are big, and not heavy. They didn't hurt my ears while wearing them all day either. Perfect size, if the color last a 6 months or more, and doesn't wear off then it will be a good buy.
I have bought these t-shirts before at a store with the same brand and I like them so I thought I'd ordered the five pack through Amazon which is three black one white and one gray and the material is very thin that's what you get for 10 bucks
Nice shorts and fits great
Ray-Bans you cant go wrong
Worked and look great
LOVE this. Thick, durable and over all beautiful.
Now that I got my wife to use it it is her first choice for going light b
This hat looks real nice I like it a lot and it fits real good
My only complaint is that the graphite color has a lot of blue in it compared to many other graphite colored wearables I own.
These sweatshirts are nice and heavy and fit correctly around the chest, and the sleeve length is right, but they are way too long in the body, and the neck opening is way too big. I would not buy this style again.
I purchased these in January of 2018 and within a week the temple screws had to be tightened. I took them to the local optometrist office and they would tighten them whenever I wanted. I ended up buying a precision screwdriver set and did it on my own. About 3 weeks ago the right lens just popped out and landed on the blacktop in a parking lot, the lens cracked slightly where it landed, I was pissed to say the least. As someone else who wrote a review
said there is no movement where the screw that holds the lens in at all. I could've put then back together but the cracks would have been in my vision field a bit. I decided to call serengetti ( Bushnell) I explained what happened. After the conversation they ended up sending me a brand new pair! I only had to email the screenshot of my invoice from Amazon. I didn't even have to send my old ones back. I received them within a week and the temples have remained tight since then. The glass lenses even sound different than the first pair, if that makes sense. I'd give the new pair I got directly from Serengetti 5 stars. Perhaps the ones people sell on Amazon are lower quality than the ones serengetti sells directly, like they're outlet quality?
Hope this review helps!
They are ok, I like the size but they sit crooked no matter what I do, they are lightweight but don't block the light super well. Color is niceÉlégant-Crochet-Modèles-tricoter