Love it
Used with sweat pants to exercise or just relax.
I like the sunglasses for their overall style and design. And they came in a protective case with a lint free lens cloth too! Two thumbs up!
I wish the belt loops or wider so might 1 3/4 belt would fit !
I ordered this hat for my hiking enthusiast husband. All around it is just a great hat. It is durable and great looking!
Excellent product. good quality and price. Recommended product
Excellent price, fit, and finish
Doesn't hold flat shape.
When first handling this product, I immediately noticed a huge difference in quality compared to the same style of socks that I have been using. After some quick research, I noticed that this version is "Everyday" while the version that I am familiar with, as well as most others, is the "Performance" version. Although the "Everyday" version is cheaper, the quality of the product is extremely noticeable making this product seem fake (It is sold and shipped by Amazon so it is unlikely it is fake). The product is thinner, rougher, and much more cheap-feeling compared to the "Performance" version. My "Performance" version of this sock feels much softer and nicer despite being much older. I would pay $7 more for the better version of this sock.

It is not a bad sock per se, but the listing is deceiving causing me to rate it one star.
Great for my 5year old dance recital.
I've been buying these shirts for decades, and they've been a reliable lightweight undershirt. The only problem I've ever had with them is they shrink just a tiny bit every time you wash them in hot water, so they become too small before they wear out. But for the price that's a perfectly acceptable problem to have.
However, this year I bought 3 six packs of these shirts, and they're all trash. They've reduced the amount of cotton they use to the point they're nearly see-through. The quality control is non-existent, as each package of shirts seems to be made from a different pattern. One package, the shirts were too short. Another package, the sleeves were too short. The last package, the sleeves were too narrow. I've washed these shirts twice, and already half of them have shrunk to an entirely different size while the other half haven't, and two of the eighteen shirts have already torn at the V.
I will never buy these shirts again.
High quality, easy to pull out CCs. Love it!
Very nice great fit and quality
I bought two of these cases. They seem to be well made. The blue case is especially nice; the brown case is more of a copper color.
I'm extremely impressed with the quality of both the hat and the embroidery design. It's think and sturdy and very nicely done. My son loves this hat!
As advertised
These earrings are ones you can wear every day. They are thick enough to be noticed but small enough to be dainty and discreet. Just adds the perfect amount of gold glam for your look!
Use these for work everyday, tag gets annoying but good shirt
love it
Love it
a bit large
Purchased these for my nieces and we cannot get the closure off the posts. Tried everything and they won't come off so we can't use them. Neither pair will work. Unfortunately we didn't try them right away because they were a gift for a later date so we missed the return/exchange window. So sad to have to just throw them away.
Great fit and husband loves it. Softer with each wash, and keeps him warm.
Very disappointed the draw string ripped without any abuse on the 4th wear. I was just tying it to keep my pants from sliding down and right out it came. Very disappointed -- I was hoping to have these for 4+ years like my last pair. Seems like quality has gone downhill.
Perfect crossbody purse!
Update May 2017-
I'm not sure what is up with all of the dudes in this review. It's like Anthony Weiner has opened up multiple Amazon profiles and found a legal way to expose himself through posting his "product pics".

If you run, don't have a restraining order from surrounding schools in your neighborhood, and are generally a normal human being... Don't buy these.

I have put these on over running tights and you can still see my religion through the mutiple layers.

Why am I even telling you this?! Look at the pictures posted from all of the exhibitionists on this product.

If you want running shorts, just buy a running brand you know. If you are looking to say something like, "but officer, I AM wearing clothes! You have no right to to be arresting me!" Then buy these creepy shorts and hope the judge doesn't ask you to wear them in the courtroom.
Great size and color for what I needed!
Adorable, well made. Great deal
I love this wallet - the quality if excellent. It was a bit smaller than some others advertised, but it is just right. It has just enough places for all of my cards and it's not so oversized that it fits very well in my new purse. I love it and would order it again and for a gift to others as well! I love that is has the RFID feature, although you really can't see it - that is hidden well. The color is fairly true to online as well.
Took forever to get here but nice shirt and my boyfriend likes it, which is what matters the most.ée-Trekking-Backpack