This belt appears to be as advertised, I don't think it's going to fall apart any time soon. My only complaint at this point is that it is so thick and stiff that it makes quite a bulge where the buckle is, not laying very flat. (see photo)
My daughter wanted a thin ring for her index finger. she loved it! Good quality.
There are only 5soclsnin the package!??????
These belts are nice. Well made and wide. Holds my gun very securely. I was impressed.
To work in while raining
Fits as expected, wears well and are breathable during a run, hiking or lifting weights.
I bought this purse almost a month ago, I usually don't leave reviews right away cause I wanna get a full assessment of the product and see if it will hold up to my day to day rountines. So far it's holding up great, it's spacious has enough pockets for me to keep it organized and I even have room to turn it into a mini diaper bag for those moments I have to leave the house to run errands or go to appointments. I got the blue one and it is a very beautiful color it arrived on time perfect condition. I recommend getting this purse if you're on a budget or just wanna save money in general.
My husband loved these handkerchiefs and the price was great. These are very hard to find in the stores.
I bought this after wanting another set of short to match my accumulating t-shirt collection. It has served its purpose well. It is breathable, roomy, and has pockets. I have enjoyed going to my apartment complex gym wearing this. Comfort and function merged well together.
My new favorite purse. Already ordered 2...getting ready to order more. Just right for a day out.
Skimpy and cheaply made.
These socks are fantastic. Purchased for my son, who let me just say, is very hard on socks, most do not last very long for him. Also most socks even good brand names, stretch out, loose the cushy-ness, get holes, get really thin etc....Not these, everything I just mentioned have not happened to these. Even he had noticed how well they're holding up and asked me to order more (he's 19 and wears them to work everyday). Oh and he wears a size 14 shoe and these fit great.
Good size. Good quality. Looks very nice. Nice packaging
One of the best items I've ever purchased on Amazon. I wear it all the time. Except in the shower. A must have for all men.
Great wallet !
Fits perfectly for my LO. Received it on time
These should no longer be labeled as being "loose" fitting. The material is also really thin. I'm really disappointed in the Levi's brand.
I have used this bag everyday for 3/4 months and it looks exactly like the day I bought it. Its a great bag!
Pretty straight forward. Good t shirt.
Love it!! Great quality, looks good! Very happy with this purchase
Great fit and comfortable per my husband
No belt but I have extra and for the price and free shipping a good deal. I just wish wrangler would put the larger Velcro pockets at the top as if you put something in these it is always continually hitting your legs as you walk. I like the lighter fabric which is more suited to warmer weather.
Loose, comfortable fit
Its pretty and has a purpose!
Shirts shrink and loose a lot of color after first wash. Wanted to try their product because they had a good price but should have known they come nowhere to close with competing with hanes. The fabric feels cheap
Love these for everyday wear. Comfortable to sleep with and great quality
Great for the money.
Used it for scuba diving
Cheap n theres so many to choose from. Theyre lightweight n I love them