Love them!
Just love this purse. First the color is great(red) but there are two purses in one. I am currently organized! And if I am in a hurry....just grab the smaller one and go. Highly recommend this purse.
super like!
I purchase the wallet and am not fully satisfied. As you can see from the photo, the slot is not deep enough to really hold a card. The bottom row actually covers the 2nd to bottom row. Pain the in the but if you want to get that card out. they should of made the bottom slot deeper like the other slots.
I must have received fluke . They do not grip like they should. I never know when, but ususally they will slip the grip and it is not always the same end. I am sure the other 800 5 star reviews aren't wrong, but I will by more but not dockers!
The material is heavy. I expected lighter material.
Wow, this cap is big. When they say extra, extra large ... they mean it.
I bought these and used them for 2 months. The frame separated under normal use. Not happy. See picture.
Great item!
Great fit feel great socks
So far, so good.
The hat is very comfortable and fits well but it is made in Canada. Not USA
They fit okay but they're not very soft. I reach for these socks last, and then do my laundry so I don't have to keep wearing them.
My doughter is very happy thx.
Very nice looking glasses they've lasted not too flimsy
Great wallet nice and sleek. Great seller fast shipping!
Amazon you've made me proud. The packaging was perfect, i was so pleased when i pulled the bag. The container was an excellent choice. Reusable for many things. The earrings are cute!!!!! Nice gift for many friends at an affordable cost.
Heavy, the neck was a little small
Product fits well, is comfortable. Having pockets on fleece pants is always a plus.
The open cuff design lets you easily slip them on over slippers or shoes
Great value and great workmanship!
This belt seems to stay tight so far (doesn't let off). Its a
hassle taking it apart to put it on most of my jeans, but it stays put.
Jeans as expected. Shrink to fit, so washed and dried 3 times before my husband wore them. The first time he wore them, the 3rd metal button on the fly popped off. This is not repairable without special equipment, which we do not have. My husband is a loyal 501 wearer, but we are used to better quality from Levis. Disappointed.
Perfect for me! Love the
I had to purchases black socks for work. I needed some kind of identification on the socks. The gold toe is ok.
Even though I've bought socks that indicate 9-12 they are too tight. With these I bought a size up. Fit perfectly.
Some of don't think that these socks have cotton in them and will shrink.
I disliked the quality of these handkerchiefs. When held up to the light, you could see through them. They will not last long with husband's heavy use.
just like the description, has lots of space and it's comfortable to use.
crappy material - shrunk and began unraveling after two washes
Me gusta
Perfect gift for an adult event to mark a milestone. Great for that perfect friend that you know so well. Not for an acquaintance however, could offend.é-Florale-Élégante