diy shoe storage wall

Super soft and cute for the little ones! Love these sleepers!
Fits smaller than imagined. May opt to go 1 size up when ordering. Not a bad shirt overall.
Great T-shirts
heavy shirt for the winter time
No. Don't buy them.
Some of these don't grab
Stylish look, and the lens of these filters out the bright sun well. Well made, great quality.
Not a bad purse but just not for the price. The zippers made it look cheap. Size was ok and color wasn't bad but I just didn't like the look or feel of the leather. And those shiny silver zippers. So back it went.
Works well enough but hard to grip when scrubbing, does bundle up on any surface of your body that isn't completely flat.
I was looking for and expecting a thicker fabric for winter pajamas. It isn't very thick or warm. This is comparable to what I bought cheaper from Walmart.
Love this
Got them for my husband. He said they are very comfortable and stays on his foot while wearing shoes. Doesn't make his feet sweat. It was a good buy for sure.
Im 6 245lbs. These shirts fit perfectly. I will purchase more.
It was smaller than expected because they added the fold of the depth to the width measurement.
This hat is the BEST for being out in the sun and playing Pickle-ball.
This is a Christmas present, but loved the ones I bought earlier.
Good workmanship and goo colors.
My husband has large upper legs, ( thighs) hard to find shorts that arent too tight , these fit very well even after washing & not too big & proper waist size! Love them
Good for the price
Good for fishing at a great value.
Highly discourage purchase. These shrink down to about 2 x 3 making them impossible to use as a washcloth. Completely useless. No returns so Im stuck with them.
Great hard case, Ive taken it all over the world with it. First hard case Ive had that wasnt broken when I received it.
Belt loops broken. Poor quality
Good ring for the price, is thin and perfect for stacking, I like the detail. I would recommend to size up.
I love these jeans. Ive worn Wranglers for over fifty years (Im 70 now). Dress wranglers for work, Jean wranglers for casual or around the farm. These regular fit comfort wranglers look like regular jeans but the stretchable waist comes in handy around holiday time. Its like theyre smart jeans. They fit well when youre at your ideal weight, and for great when youve gained ten pounds.
Works perfectly. Great quality and love the look.
I'm going to give these 3 stars. It's cute and looks good but the size is insane, way too small. It's hard to close the hoop and once you do, even harder to get it off.
I was looking for a nice wallet with soft, durable leather that is also slim in the pocket. This Bellroy has met all of those expectations, and looks sharp while doing it. I haven't seen any faults in the construction nor do I see any durability issues. After a month and a half of use, the leather has "shaped" itself around the contents very nicely...after reducing my "card carry" to five cards (credit, debit, ID, AAA and insurance) and a bit of cash, this wallet is less than 1/2 inch thick in the middle and is very comfortable in the back pocket. It is also small enough to carry in the front should I choose. Though the wallet was a bit pricey, it is markedly better than the standard "designer" wallets I've always purchased in the past under the 30 dollar range. Happy with the purchase, and it looks like this wallet will serve for years to come.
Great quality and nicely made. Seems to hold up nice and holds bills greatésille-Collants-Large-Naturel