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Best price ever
Very comfortable.
Great service and the socks feel wonderful!!
Nice for the price
I get lots of compliments
Thats not the real size. I bought an L and its too big.
Fits Very nice and the quality isn't bad.
Jeans fit nicely, almost feel a little stretchy. Seem thinner then older Levis, but all in all I like them.
I like the material its comfortable.
comfortable well made
I'd wear these every day but then I'd have to wash them every night and I don't like doing laundry that much.
i really like these shirts . i ordered for both husband and son. the colors and fit are really nice.
Very thin material but the waistband is the reason Im tossing them out. Raw elastic is scratchy and will leave red marks on you.
Its a nice belt
It comes very well packaged with an inflated plastic pillow form inside to prevent crushing during shipping. Comes with a purse cover that zips shut for storage. Great style (I purchased the gold trim) and perfect size (lots of room). I will probably purchase more as gifts.
Great as is Described.
All the right pockets, very light weight, nice look only down is that the money clip is a little too tight.
Comfortable and these socks do help my plantar fasciitis.
My 13 year old son's response when first putting on this hoody was "Mom, it's so soft! I love it!" He wore it for a week solid before I could pry it off him to wash. He sat by the dryer waiting until he could put it on again. I'd call that a successful purchase.
The neck of these t-shirts after the first wash shrivel up like a piece of bacon and look un-professional under button-up shirts. I would not purchase again, not worth the $$
Wish the elastic in the waistband was covered by another material. Tends rub your skin.
I recently bought this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. I myself likes it as well, and highly recommend it. Everything fit great into the wallet and its well designed. It came in a box as well with great packaging.
My husband works on a platform in the heat all day. Keeping his feet dry is a chore. So when he told me he only had to change his socks once instead of four times. I added these to my must buy list.
bought this for a gift.y friend loved it!
The sizes are off, they are bigger that what you expect. Carthart is now using a regular fit classification that makes the sizes bigger than what you will get, I order a medium which feels like a large. I purchased one medium last dec and they fit is night and day, they one in dec fit right but the new one i got was too big i notice the new one says regular fit and the old one doesnt
These are counterfeit...
Nunca llegaron
LOVE these shirts, just don't throw a softener sheet into the dryer with them. It leaves a grease-like mark. It does come out in the next wash...just can't wear it until you rewash it.
This item is a gift.