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This cap has a nice large well. I wear mine mostly backwards and right on top of eyebrows. Great hat have ordered many in the l/xl size.
They fit perfect, look great
Will be ordering more soon.
Nothing to dislike!!! I will be purchasing another more in the future as gifts!!!

I can easily look for all of my cards and funds!!! I have the RFID Blocking and I will be able to place my phone inside as well!!!
great hat, great looking hat! bill is a little off center
Love the soft material feels perfect
Love this bag. Carry it every day. Lots of compliments.
They are very comfortable I do own a pair of raybans and these come very close to being the same.
Nice and compact! Good value for the price.
Waistband rolls terribly, making these uncomfortable
This shirt did a great job of protecting from the sun however I wore it in the ocean and pool and followed the washing instructions and it came out with black spots all over? It's definitely ruined after the one wear. Very disappointed.
I had a surgery thart makes using a belt uncomforable, and most suspenders wont stay on my shoulders. I was excited when I found these, hoping they would stay on my shoulders better. All and the quality is very good. The hardware is very functiona and durable. The material is very sturdy and holds it elasticity through out the day. For that I give these hight marks. The fasteners are the best I have used to date. But I do have a couple of problems. Where as I am not a very tall man (5' 11"), I am what you would call portly (370 lbs), rather round in the middle. One problem I had is if I fastened them at the hip the wide strap and the aduster would dig into my under arm right at the chest. If I reajusted them and fastened them further forward the back of my pants would fall down and I would spend most of the time I was on my feet pulling up the back of my pants every five minutes. Lastly I still have trouble keeping them from sliding off of my shoulder. That may be due to the fact tha I have one shoulder that slopes more than the other though. Sad to say, these suspenders are not very comfortable for me so I will be exchanging for someting different.
Pretty, but studs are exceptionally long.
I wore one of these shirts on a 13-hour saltwater fishing trip in Florida, and it provided complete protection from the sun. The shirt was surprisingly cool for having long sleeves. I didn't want to wear my $40+ sun protection shirt because I knew it would get stained from a long day of fishing and handling bait. I was really surprised when all of the stains came out in a normal wash cycle. I have long arms and the sleeves were a little long; otherwise, the fit was great. These shirts are a great value IMO.
Love our bags , we ordered two a Navy & Red . My daughter picked the blue and I choose red .
We are very happy with our purchase.
I bought these after reading an article about how Merino wool is a "wonder fabric" that will keep you warm and dry in the winter. I have feet that can feel like ice even in the summer, so warm and dry socks are something of a holy grail for me. I try pair after pair, and rarely do they keep my feet comfortable and warm. These socks do. I like them so much I've ordered a second package and will start tossing older socks in favor of them. My only complaint, and this is a problem with most socks, is that the elastic in the top of the socks doesn't expand enough for my legs. If I pull them up tight, they cut into my legs.
Great fit & good quality
Good case...a little bigger than I thought but protects my glasses. If I need a smaller case when heading out I switch to a different one.
You can't beat these for the price. Blocks sun great! Love them! Highly recommend!
Great shorty socks. Very comfy and fit good.
Love it however I only received one band if I could get that second band I would love it even more went from big trip fold to this and it looks sharp
Good gift
Perfect fit and a great price
This system works very well for keeping the rain and wind off of you. I found that it is also very good at keeping in your heat. The material didn't hold up very well while wearing with a pack on.

I would recommend this system for anyone that is not planning on being very active while wearing it.
Very comfortable. Fit well.
This was smaller than I anticipated but it holds everything I need it to, then fits under my car seat when I take my dogs walking or go to the beach. As a cross body, it keeps my hands free without a lot of weight across the shoulder.
Very nice!
Great product, communication, and shipping. Looks nice too. Thanks!