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Beautiful pair of sunglasses
Love that its a belt that is either brown or black. Its very easy to switch colors ! My son is very happy with the belt
I have a lot of glasses and I had no idea until I organized them. This helps get all my stuff organized and I ended up donating 4 pairs :)
My son loves these. The fabric is perfect for wearing under a more formal shirt
Wow, i got these for my boyfriend for working out. These are both mine and his favorite shorts. He looks good and his legs look fierce so I'm happy, and he likes the breathe, lightweight material, and fit of the shorts. will 10000% buy more colors. He typically wears pants size L, He is 215LB 5'8. these shorts are about 22inches long .
This just arrived, so Ill post further details when i have a chance to open it up and try it out!

My first impressions: bigger than I thought, pretty color, great quality for what I paid!
Perfect to wear with jeans. Sturdy. Good fit. Looks great.
Metal tip came off first time i put it on, the buckle came off about a week later.
Second one i bought was made a lot better.
My Lady loves them
Horrible. Stretched out arm holes, but rest of it is like its shrunk. Fabric is so thin its see thru. These used to be so better well made. We returned. Very disappointed in the quality
Really like.
Works great, would highly recommend.
They fit nicely.
Nice shirt for the price.
Way too small. Does not fit like a 14. More like a 10. Company will not allow a return. Would not buy these again, nor would I buy from this company again.
Not comfortable on the legs
I did not recieve what was described, the product description says 6-Pack, what i recieved was a 4-pack, pretty disappointed.
Wonderful quality at an impressive price.
I won't give this product one star as I admit the lenses seemed fine for the price. The issue here is the measurements of the glasses and nowhere on the product page will you find it. What should be a clue for all is the fact these glasses are advertised for men and women. As a man, I should have assumed that they would be too small for me as I consider my head to be relatively large. In fact, in selecting reading glasses from another seller I made sure the information mentioned only men's styles and included the width of the frame and the length of the arms. I suspect for most men they will encounter the same issue I encountered.
Description of item is accurate. Definitely happy with my purchase. Thank you!
These pants are very nice quality & nice enough to wear to church. They are hardly wrinkled out of the dryer. Love that they come in a 28 length! It's very hard to find so I bought several pairs in different colors.
Like it says in the title, this bag is quite durable and I can put all my stuff in it. Only downside is that things can get lost very easily. Also, since the little pocket is on the strap, I almost feel like I have to wear the bag a certain way so the little pocket is in front of me.
The best in Sterling Silver !!
and the customer services... the presentation when delivered shows how much care is taken to please the customer ...from extra anti tarnish tabs to instructions on proper care ....and the prices are very competitive
Ive purchased from other sellers...have found nd the one and only
Good product
I like them, they are a good replacement for the 560s
This small wallet does its job very well. It is small, it is durable and it looks really good. You cannot put a lot of cash within it, but enough, and the design is just very smart.

I would recommend this product. I only wish that they could do a vegan version without animals being harmed to produce the product. I would give it 5 stars in that case :) Other than that, it is a really good wallet.
Useful for about a week. Next thing you know the hinges snap off from being to stiff. Don't recommend
Much too heavy