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Great buy. Can't beat the quality for the money.
Love this ring. It is my Wedding ring. I love that it is petite with a large enough stone. I love that is not a real diamond, but is real gold. I recently appraised some other, older jewelry and discovered what a ripoff the diamond industry is. This ring is absolutely beautiful. I will be buying the matching band. I may even get 2 so it will be symmetrical.

It is a little thinner than I expected. That is ok. I have room for the band on my finger. I dont like big gaudy rings so this was perfect.
Great gift for my dad. Can fit upwards of 8 cards
I'm liking this a lot. This is the first wallet I've ever carried in my front pocket and it doesn't bother me at all. I don't even notice it.
The two little card holders in front are great. I hardly ever open my wallet anymore.
Fit was perfect. These are definitely summer-weight jeans, which is exactly what I was looking for. It gets hotter than Hades here on the Gulf Coast in the Summer, but I still like to wear jeans and a button down shirt and a jacket for business. These will be perfect. Every one of the four colors I ordered looked exactly as expected. Great-looking, great-fitting Wranglers for under $20. Who would have guessed it?
Very nice feel great and keep feet dryer
Great glasses and nice case.
I love everything about these pants with one major exception, the fly is at least an inch shorter (4 1/2") than other Carhartts (5 1/2") and also other pants. The problem is that it is much harder to respond to the call of nature. I purchased these at Amazon because I needed two pair and my local Carhartt store only had one in stock. This is the first time this has happened to me with Carhartts, and I don't see any mention of it in other reviews. So this could have been a problem specific to this run of pants...or could these have been knock offs? But if I order these again on Amazon, I will certainly measure the fly before I put them to use.
Lots of room. Beautiful purse. But constantly fighting zipper.
Its ok... not as big as I thought it would be.
A high quality and well engineered wallet. Plenty of room for IDs and several credit cards in addition to a money clip that secures folding money, yet it still fits smoothly in a front pocket. There is a pull strap that easily accesses frequently used cards. The added security of RFID blocking is an important and comforting plus.
I like everything, except that the glasses seem to lift off of the bridge of my nose with much movement.
Soft and silky
They came with scratches on the lenses
nice and long, stays tucked in
I bought it to lounge around the house during winter. Its cozy and keeps its shape after washing.

It does make a lot of lint.
Arrived quickly and expectations were exceeded. Very high quality for the price.
good product, I'm in good shape physically and this product was a little large, so its great if you have something underneath.
Thick. Feel more like a winter sock.
Love the earrings! They were very well packaged - all individually packed, which was really nice. They also came in a nice plastic case to store them. I love the colors, and the size was perfect! I was worried they would be too small, but you can see from the picture that they are larger.
To small
Great pair of shorts. Fits as expected and very comfortable.
The cut and fit for me was just right. I quit buying Levi brand jeans years ago because they didn't hold up . Years ago levis were all I wore they lasted forever. Not anymore. I switched to wranglers they wear much much longer and are less expensive. I thought maybe I should give them another try. I received this pair August 25th 2019. They didn't even make it to the first wash before one of the belt loops came loose and I never wore them with a belt. I learned my lesson NO MORE LEVIS FOR ME.
Very good quality ... neck stays unrolled, as advertised ... stays soft and comfy. Good deal.
Nice fit and feel
I got this wallet as a gift for my husband and he loves it. He liked the idea that it protects his credit cards.
Love it may back has not bothered me since I started using it hold alot
This the first time I've tried a three section wallet. Normally, I use a tall bi-fold that holds all my cards.
The bi-fold is taller and thinner.

Even though this wallet is thicker, I hardly notice the difference.

It holds my cards well and they don't fall out, a problem I've had with many bi-folds.

The leather is beautiful, soft and smooth.

I am very happy that I got this one.