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So, I bought these socks thinking that they would let my feet breath and stay cooler than cotton. NOPE. Freaking terrible. They're twice as hot as cotton. I'm actually sitting on the couch right now with sweaty feet. I decided to just wear them doing anything BUT running/hiking, because cotton are actually cooler and more breathable than these. Figured I might as well get some sort of use out of them because I'm NEVER wearing them running again.
I already had 2 pair of these shorts so I knew how they fit . Good job !
very cute
Great design. However, it took a bit of searching to find directions that were adequately clear for releasing the belt to allow size adjustment. After I found the instructions, it was very easy.
Love this wallet!
Holy mackerel are these cheap. And terrible. For me, the first consideration is how the collar wears: its the only part that anyone can see. After a single wash (and before I wore it once), the collar looks slightly worn, like a T-shirt that Ive had for a year. The fabric is thin - not breathes well, cozy thin, but cheap and wont last long thin. And the fabric isnt that soft. Its already a little rough. I could hope that after a few washings it would soften up, but honestly, I dont think this shirt will last that long. Hanes clearly tries to squeeze as much profit out of this shirt - and to be fair its a super cheap shirt - but this is unacceptable.
My son had a hole in one of the socks after only a few wears
I absolutely love it
Have ownes two both had the die bleed out and fade within a week, wore the one once and it was ruined
Great replacement for my 20 year old wallet
Great Deal. Love the ties.
Material too roughand bit too small
I was very happy with these shorts. Nice light weight, and comfortable. Bought them for my husband in 3 different colors, and he likes them very very much.
My son loves them , he is going to be a state trooper.
When I wear these shorts, I put my girlfriend to shame. Everywhere I go I receive compliments and thumbs up. Comfy, cheap, and very light.
Love my many Scout bags. Im a home hospice nurse-lots of pockets and easy to clean.
It's officially my new favorite hoodie. It's true to size & so comfortable. I love it
It was everything I needed and wanted.
I bought these for someone whose feet are always cold and wears socks at night too. They are soft and launder well.
poor uncomfortable fit. Buckle tends to want to roll in from the top. ( I'm not fat actually in fit shape ) The way the belt has to loop into buckle makes belt look ugly if shirt is worn tucked in. Spend your cash on a nice steer hide belt.
hoodie was perfect thank you
This is a great shoulder bag. Nice colors and great quality as expected from Vera Bradley. Perfect for fall/winter seasons. There are zipper pockets outside and lots of room inside. Love it
Awesome sunglasses (Second Request)
Love it!
exactly what you want in a cheap shirt. Good fit durable material and good sewing.
Best bargain shirts out there. Great for work if you're worried about ruining more expensive clothing.
I love the softness and comfort. i am actually thinking of getting another two five packs, just to have on reserve
These hoops hook easily and are great for kids or for adults in a second piercing. They have a high shine and looks expensive. Can go with any wardrobe and accessories.
Very Happy
I like everything about these but the price. It occurred to me that my underwear cost more than the jeans I was wearing the other night and I was wearing Levi's !