diy white shoes

I purchased this backpack because I am going on vacation and I don't want to lug a purse around. I really like the backpack but when I opened the package the backpack was so wrinkled it looked really bad. Other than that it's awesome!
I like the socks a lot, but the fit was kind of tight. The price is reasonable.
Brought them to Catalina. Very pretty; did exactly what they were supposed to do
I just got a couple of Halo hats in two different colors, Blue and Red. Great material and construction, the sweat band looks great. However, unless you have a huge head, and I don't, it will not look good at all on you. And we runners have to look pretty cool, right? It is not really confortable when you wear it as you have to pull it down a lot to compensate for its oversize.

They come in "One Size Fits All" but both hats I purchased are noticeable different in size, both too large for a regular head.
Fits good just could be a little thicker
What a cute purse. I've loaded it up with umbrella and my standard gear, and it holds it all comfortably, and still weighs very little. Don't know how that is possible. Love the purple color (more a dark rose). I'll practice with the zipper locks because they are kind of hard to open. That's a good thing, right? Added bonus, the inside lining is incredibly soft. Great for sensitive hands! This is much more practical for a trip than my pretty leather bags. Very pleased with it.
The foot part fits right...the top calf part goes very high and is tight.
Perfect my husband loves it
Bought as a gift! Beautiful!
I bought it because I thought that the color was Red but is Wine color.
Absolutely love this purse!! Had a black one for about four years and I used it everyday until I could not use it anymore. Im not the type of girl to shove her whole life in her purse, just the essentials (e.g. wallet, phone, chapstick, glasses) so this purse is absolutely perfect for me!! If you are that type of person Id still recommend this purse, just not as an everyday use because although there are lots of pockets, there isnt too too much room for much else.
Someone even offered to buy it off of him in Argentina
Good present to give
I ordered this winter windproof ski face mask/hat (color:red) for my son to ski in, as a replacement for a traditional ski mask/hat. He loves it and I do too. It's warm, it's windproof, it doesn't limit visibility as most traditional ski masks/hats. Its soft around the face and does not restrict breathing in the way that a ski mask/hat does and it's extremely comfortable. I will likely purchase one for my daughter and myself. Additionally, I received this on time and it looked exactly as it was pictured on Amazon. It looks as great as it feels!
After review of the product the pants had a slight tear from a box cutter. These might be all defects that are then dropped in price. Once I opened and inspected the return time was over.
I like it the only thing is have to be careful that you dont open it by pushing it open.I just put a little glue so it wont open.
The wallet is very well designed and constructed. The stitching is stylish and pockets fit most of my stuff. When its in my pocket, I barely know its there. I highly recommend this product.
Well made and comfortable.
My husband bought this wallet he likes it the only problem it the I'd part comes out he almost lost his I'd do he doesn't use the I'd windows
very nice, i love it..lots of room and it organizes well!
I really like these pants except that front pockets are way too small.
These socks fit well and stay up comfortably all day.
Very thick T-Shirt. Ordered an XL at first, and it was like a tent. The Large fits me perfectly. (6'1 200lbs) The Large is slightly larger than the XL T-Shirts I recently bought, which I guess are "athletic fit."
Very pretty, well made, nice detail, great grab and go purse
I am on my feet 8+ hours a day and need really high quality socks. I'm stoked that after wearing these to work, they've become my new favorite brand. They are reinforced in the toe, heal and also breathe well. I plan on buying another set soon!