Gteat product and color too..fits all i need
Work well.
Cooler that other masks, more comfortable to wear.
My husband is very happy with the quality and comfort, very nice material.
Great Deal
It is hard for me to wear most earrings, I have ordered surgical steel earrings before and they still messed with my ears. These havent done that. They are absolutely amazing!
The picture on Amazon shows this as a hard leathe jacket. My son recieved it and it is a soft leather. He is a large and ordered a ex -large. Fits perfect. But Disappointed.
The size on there are perfect. Comparing them to Ralph Lauren or Tommy knit boxers, the fit of this is great. The Polo and Tommy boxer are about 2 inches longer than these. Those are also baggier. The people that keep complaining about these are probably trying to compare these to boxer briefs. I've also looked through some of the picture where they put their old boxers over these an complain that these are too big. Well to you I have to say this. You need to pay attention to what you're buying! One of the picture is trying to compare a pair of slim fit knit boxers to regular fit boxers. Well no s**it sherlock! they are going to be big if you compare the two! You can't blame amazon, calvin klein, or the seller for you ineptitude and lack of intelligence in what you're ordering. The other issue is that people don't know the difference between the styles of underwear. I've notice this on a listing for boxer briefs, where people are complaining that they are too long thinking they are ordering trunks. There is a difference between briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, and boxers.
I had one just like it. It got old a worn out. I wanted another just like. I found it on Amazon for a great price.
Quality is great but baggy fitting
my glasses Looks beautifully
Very nice quality wallet. Exactly what is pictured, and nice real leather. Multiple spots to hold cards and the wallet is not too big and bulky.
Awesome quality and everything fits perfectly!
Great hoody! Fits great and cant beat the price! I wear it under a jacket and keeps me nice and warm! Highly recommend it.
I loved this product
I really like this purse but the snap broke the first week.
I've never had a pair if socks wear out so quickly. Especially in the heal area. Would not buy again. And I'm not talking about just one pair. Every pair.
Esta muy bien hecha
pretty good
Exactly what I wanted (:
Money clip is super tight which is great but the quality isnt that great, 3/5 stars
I have to say that as underwear go these fit rather nicely. For me the problem with this product is durability. I dont know about the rest of you, but I dont wear my underwear more then 12 hours. Then they get washed - NOW -perhaps my expectations are too high.; should I expect my underwear to last longer than 15-20 washes - what do I mean by last.... that they hold their elasticity. when I put them on, The garment is not sagging in places Im not sagging in.. somebody tell me the expected lifespan of a pair of underwear so I may adjust my expectations.
These shirts wear out pretty quick once you wash them, they are attracted to lint so buy lint brush
My husband likes it....the neck was a little smaller than another brand that we purchased.
Nice and soft, perfect weight, just right for those days that start cold but warm up.
Sunglasses broke on day 3, both arms snapped off. Very cheap product. Would not buy again.
So far, I love this purse right out of the box! I'd been looking for a crossbody that was neither too big nor too small, and so far this one seems to hit the Goldilocks spot. I don't have an iPad, but I can throw my Kindle in there, plus all my essentials without a problem. The design is clean and modern, which is also what I was looking for, with no flashy logos or similar additions that I find to be a turnoff in a purse. And I love that the strap is really sturdy and wide. I am 5'3" and the bag's body hits nicely at my hip. If you are very tall or have a longer torso this might not be so comfortable as a crossbody but still a great purse.
The pocket had a hole in it on the side, it looks like it was never sewed, I found that out after I wore them for a couple of days and all the packing and stuff was thrown away