diy pallet shoe storage bench

This bag is great. I typically prefer luxury bags, but needed something affordable as we transition out of needing a diaper bag for outings. The strap and crossbody options are great and there is a ton of storage for my stuff as well as to carry items for my toddler.
Convenient and beautiful
What prompted me to purchase this was that somehow someone got my debit card information (which stays on my person at ALL times), went to a local store and swiped 3 gift cards for the amount of $200 each. Thankfully, my bank security automatically cancelled my card (thus his/her card as well) on the 3rd attempt. The bank said that there were a number of ways of getting info off of people today. The banker said that a swiping device can be carried in a person's back pocket, that person can walk by you (with his/her back to you) and scan the info off of your bank card, credit cards, and even your driver's license!

The reason for the choice of this style is because it is similar to the type I carried (which has now been discarded!) Some may say that my above statement is too much info. I typed it in for those who don't know. The Thieves already know. By the way, this thief got caught on video!

The RFID material covers the entire interior wall of the wallet as well as each individual pocket within the wallet. It is well designed. I'd give it a 5 star rating, but I haven't had it long enough to know how well it will hold up to constant use.
Was looking for a comfortable pair of work pants and these fit the bill. These pants are really stretchy and feel more like pj's than pants. I will be getting some more of these soon.
Bought this for my little cousin. She really liked it and it was as described in the seller listing. Cute little watch for a kid!
it keeps
These are fun, great looking, quality socks! Getting more on the way.
Just received my red bag. Its a nice bag but much duller than pictured (think red bag on website but washed 5 times) Its also too small. The size is not represented well unless it picture with a child or small teen. I will return it only because it turned out not to be what i thought Id ordered. If you want a faded red, small/medium hobo, it may work for you.
If you're going for the oldies look these glasses are for you. The circles are a little bit smaller than I expected but I still love them! The packaging is SO CUTE. It comes with a soft case, hard case, replacement bridge nose pieces and screws, and a rag to clean them. Definitely would buy again, and maybe i will in a different color. (:
great product
I really like it fits well thanks.
This is one of the cheapest, poorly made products I have ever purchased on AMZ. One wear. One wash. And the seams have already given way. Completely. I will NEVER buy this brand again. Gildan should be ashamed to put their name on this.
I love how compact the wallet is and the amount of id cards it holds
Love it!!
Very high quality. It exceeded my expectations for the price.
I've carried this for about 18 months now and have been really happy with it. Overall it's held up really well and shows little sign of wear. My only complaint is related to the design of the money clip. The "hinged" portion of the clip has a threaded portion which connects to the "shank" of the clip that is inserted into the wallet. On several occasions the hinged portion has come unscrewed from the shank. The last time this happened the tensioner spring that is inside this connection point was lost, so now the clip is no longer spring loaded. If you buy this wallet I would advise you to apply some threadlocker, nail polish or some other adhesive to the threads to keep these two parts from separating. This is a 2 minute fix but will resolve the only issue/weakness that I have found on this wallet.
These woodies are a great pair of glasses for the price. They have the standard ray ban style but a nice flair to them. It is "shades" of a 48 Ford w the wood trim.
Put them on and you're crankin up the beach boys. They reduce the glare when driving took a trip from LA to SF, eyes weren't tired.
Other masks make me feel like I'm being smothered and can't breathe well, this one is light, breathable and super comfortable. It doesn't pull on your ears, and you can breathe easy. Super handy to just have around your neck and pull up when needed. It's lightweight, but just right. I would highly recommend!
Fit perfect! Would fit many head sizes.. I have a smaller womens head lol and I was able to adjust band to fit... perfect for sun protection
Go one size up they shrink I'm a medium brought large they were big on me but when I wash them they were mediums that fit good
These are great sunglasses and you can't beat the price.
Lightweight and polarized. Nice fit, with wraparound treatment. Price ia rght. So good I bought two pair, one for the wife too!
Fits great
This sweater is incredible for 8 dollars and it's great quality. The color is beautiful and it's lightweight enough for people who live where it does not snow during the winter.

A caveat to mention....
I was wanting a grey sweater and couldn't decide between Ash and light steel. I bought Ash and Ash looks like an off white with grey interlaced into it. Although surprised at first, I ended up liking it since it seems to compliment my complexion well. Thanks Hanes for this awesome sweater, it's appreciated and helps people like me who like saving instead of spending. I will be buying more soon and am a big Hanes fan now.
Excellent for the price
I love this Adidas hat. The comfort is out of this world. The stretch is great. I stopped wearing other hats. I actually bought two. One to exercise in, one to wear otherwise.