Nice thick fabric. Just what I've been looking for.
Purchased this for a friend who loves the beach! She was very happy with it. Cute and reasonably priced.
I ordered a large and the waist is a large but the opening for the legs feels more like a medium/small. Way too restrictive.
For the money its a nice necklace set my daughters were pleased with them
Great quality backpack and purse combination! Very impressed with the item and will recommend it to my friends and family in the future. It can hold so much, just as described.
28* length
Compact, yet plenty of room for lots of cards.
Love all the boys snide pockets
Not a bad color / pattern selection. Held up through a few washes so far, but you can definitely feel the price point in comparison to more expensive options in regards to the material
Good sock but a bit thin.
Sizing is right, fits comfortably, standing or sitting down. My husband says its Just right. He first ordered blue denim, and now doubled up with black denim. He is a happy camper.
These are great socks. The grips are very good and keep my feet from slipping when Im getting out of chair. They are soft and feel good on feet but not too hot. Good purchase.
Comfy but way to big, plus pocket had big hole.
Love it, perfect size.
I am wearing this hat as I write this review, and I must say that its the best hat Ive ever purchased
Trash quality trust me, do not buy this lol I played myself
I like it.
Weird material, kind of rough like a heavy duty canvas; unexpected for a purse but I like the style and functionality.
Beautiful bracelet
Nice and comfy. Gildan really stepped up their game.
Thin but comfortable
I received 9-Pack Hanes "Black" Lable underware, and the products are do not same as picture, low quility, different producs at all. I opened package, can I return?
Really liked these suspenders for my husband as they stay put all day and do not ruin the top of the dress pants like another pair of suspenders I had previously purchased. I will order another pair of these Dickies Men's suspenders in a different color.
Very comfortable
Product is soft. I didnt live there isnt a door on the front.0
I have had the press for about a month and have loaded several hundred rounds. Combined with lee dies I loading rounds with .001 variance in overall length.
It was a gift for my nephew and he loved it
it is too smallées