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Very comfortable but are a little small.
They look like nice sweatpants, but I can put three of me in the size I was sent incorrectly.
When the orders came in, my sisters and I were really excited so we open the package and decided to try them, and they were so cute, I decided I might wear some necklaces to maybe some events because the necklaces goes with my outfit really well.
I waited 7 months after purchasing to give a fair review of this item. I have purchased two pairs of these earrings, and, unfortunately, both pairs tarnished relatively soon after the purchase. I took good care of both pairs, but still, both turned a brassy/brown color, and look very worn. I expected better because of the 14k gold plating. I would recommend looking elsewhere for a better quality earring, or find a cheaper version if you dont care about tarnishing. Dont spend the money, because they will tarnish!
I like my swim suit to fit large so I got a size up and I was shocked how tight fitting it was around my legs. Basically unwearable. The waist was fine, but everything else was way to small.
shrunk some when i washed them
Perfect, comfortable fit with little to no break in needed. Will be my go to for basic hats.
This sunglasses are perfect for beach time. And the price is just fine for your pocket. Strongly recomended, i would buy again this brand.
The watch is confusing for a kid to use, instructions were not included and difficult to find. Lots of other posts about how to turn off the hourly beeping, and not have 24 Hour military time. Also recently the band has broken and we have moved on to another watch brand.
Just like the pictures
Great jeans--perfect fit-thanks.
I am impressed with the quality of this wallet.It has enough room for all my cards but is thin and not bulky.
I'm 6' 2", and all of my height appears to be in my torso.

I concealed carry a handgun basically wherever I go, so having an undershirt is necessary to prevent my skin from contacting metal constantly.

My old shirts were constantly coming untucked when I sat or bent over, but the LT shirts have been extremely satisfactory.
Very nice a large and nicely made
Great color and style
Perfect hat! Only brand and style worn in our household
TL;DR - Product worked as advertised, but I was not particularly fond of using it in practice

I ordered this wallet to replace an older tri-fold leather wallet that had accumulated a lot of wear and tear damage. I had a lot of cards as a result, but was looking to slim down a bit and have a more minimalist wallet. The sleek design of the ROCO wallet, combined with an attractive $20 price tag, lured me in. I read previous reviews about the strength of the band and the actual practice of cycling through cards, but did not think that would be an issue for me. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

In practice, the band is a bit too stiff for me to seamlessly cycle through my cards. I have ~10 cards in the wallet currently, and have more difficulty getting cards out of the middle of the stack that I want. Personally, I often end up taking the entire stack of cards out of the wallet to find what I need. Moreover, the wallet is specifically designed for standard debit/credit card shapes; I couldn't fit a slightly oversized business card into the wallet without it bending at the edges.

The product works just as well as you would imagine two metal plates bound by a rubber band to work. Were I given another chance, however, I would opt for a slimmer tri-fold wallet before purchasing this one.
Love it....
Had fun shrinking them: hot bath and let them dry on me. Strange but nice feeling when the shrink to fit
Great jeans! Waist expands just enough to make them comfortable for people inbeteeen sizes. Recommended!
My Grand sons have always received boxers from Me Grandma every year since potties training oldest 23 years old. They expected them. Forgot one year boy did i hear about it.
My son usually wears an extra large however this item was much too large.
Well made well priced
It's great and reasonable pricing.
Bought for upcoming one month trip. Seems to have features I was looking for. Havent used yet. Its very nice looking and seems to be well made. It came with a green tea bag and passport holder. Nice little touch. After Im back will update on use and wear.
Beautiful color. Excellent construction.
They turn
Ive had the wallet for a few weeks now and its perfect for what I need. Very slim and compact. Dont have issues accessing the cards with the pull tab. Some wear and tear but build quality is great.
Nice looking handbag. Very happy with purchase.éable-Bracelet-Inoxydable