So many rings! My daughter love them all! They are also adjustable.
Great lenses. Very clear.
Lightweight and comfortable.
Feel very sturdy.
The nose thingies felt a little thin at first, but I like them now.
I use them for driving in Texas.
Great shorts. This is my second pair. Have the grey and navy blue ones. I am 6' tall and weigh about 230 pounds. A bit chubby. These shorts fit great.
Fits well / as expected
Big and tall ? I wear a 12 shoe . Probably be to small when I wash them .
Love them so far.. Only thing is that when I'm looking at the screen on my iPhone 6s is there is a weird colorful glare on the phone .. But, no problem as I have to wear my readers to see my phone screen anyway.. I live in Vegas, and there perfect w/ our strong sun especially in the afternoon.. Blocks the glare!!
I used them for engagement photos. I could not adjust t h.g.h em and when I finally got them move they tore righ4 up
Decent. Cheaper than dept store.
You can't beat them for the money. I either brake or loose my all the time. No fault of the glasses or seller. Its just me. Second 4 pack I have bought and will be back for more. Thanks
After years of accumulating a mish-mash of dress socks, I decided to standardize on a single type that I can easily replace as the years go on. Keeping one type of sock means no more pairing, folding, and matching. Just throw 'em all in a drawer and pick two every morning. Sounds great, right?

Well... turns out it's not that easy to buy mens' socks. This was my third attempt to pick a standard. The first ones I bought were nice, but approximately mid-thigh length. And I'm 6'1". Who buys socks like that? The second variety I picked turned out to be about 50/50 cotton and spandex. They were uncomfortably stretchy and felt plasticky, leading to sweat and annoyance.

But these -- these are good socks. They are about 80% cotton, fit comfortably, are thick enough to offer some padding and warmth, and are suitable for office, fine dining, or any place else one would wear a black sock. The company has been around for almost a century, which likely makes occasional sock replenishment easy. Recommended.
Great product
Good belt. Extremely adjustable
Good deal.
perfect first wallet. Cute too.
Glasses are literally amazing. I was skeptical on buying sunglasses from online but these are absolutely amazing. They fit perfect and are really sturdy. New favorite pair
Sooo comfy!!!
Arrived on time. Good quality bow ties. I would recommend.
fits as expected.
Love it
Best sunglasses I have ever owned! Clarity is unreal. Very scratch resistant! 580 glass is the best!
As always... Levi's quality is the best.
Thick material... I thought they would be lighter, but that's ok, just means they will last longer... Cargo pockets are a little hard to unbutton, so I just left them open after I unbottoned them.
Not an issue, but more of an observation. I bought several of these at a Khols outlet (East Coast US) and they seem smaller than the ones I have purchased on Amazon, despite the make/model/size/type being identical.
This is the 2nd one I have purchased through Amazon, and I own most of the colors that UA makes. These are great shirts for business casual and casual events, etc.. The collar doesn't curl or wrinkle like so many other polos, which is a huge pet peeve of mine.
I hope they continue to make these because I am a guy, and would rather eat glass than spend an afternoon in the dressing room of clothing stores looking at myself in the mirror. Light, functional, stylish and comfortable with a reasonable price.
These fit his waist perfectly. We ordered xl. He says: comfy & free flowing where the boys can be free. The only thing is that they are oddly too long/ longer than the average boxer brief. We actually call them his Grampy-pampies (like granny panties but for a man haha!). Good purchase though.
Not as bright as the picture ! Returning
Very nice I like it
I live
Nice pants