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The Bape Camo Air Force 1's. 

Custom key features: 

1. High-end fabric applied to the toebox & swoosh. 

2. Applied using high adhesive glue to enhance the life of the custom. 

3. Professionally cut to match the edges of the swoosh & panel. 

ATTENTION: For our international customers, please make sure you provide your exact address in ENGLISH. 

Base shoe is included. Please allow 10 to 14 days to be completed and shipped out to you. This is subject to change due to the volume of orders by the artist. make own shoes onlinemake own shoes online Any questions, please contact us

Nice fit and comfortable
Fit good
My daughter has been wearing these for a few months and no issues! The backs have stayed on and they are easy to clean! Great purchase!
If you are accustomed to oversizing cloths because of exaggerated sizing from manufacturers, dont do so with these. I ordered a 3xl and they are like a compression socks...ouch. I ordered 3xl in these AE's and they were monstrous. I stepped from 3xl B&T down to these 2x standard, and they are still nice and roomy. Once you dial the size in you'll love them.
Fits good and looks amazing, i got 2 compliments on it the first day at work.
Whenever I wear these to bed my girlfriend gives me more attention than usual. One con is that they leave stains.
The wallet is nice. It's a bit big for what I was hoping for. The card pockets also feel very rough pulling cards in and out of the sleeves. I like the design though. Thanks.
Pretty durable, but not so easy to adjust . Clasp were difficult.
it was a gift and hey loved it
The wallet I received is perfect. It is exactly what I ordered.
Thank you!
This is the size I've ordered for years but these shrink to much.
I really like it, the ears were bent but ya know, still nice!
If you're looking for a large purse with endless compartments, this one is for you. I kept losing things in it so I bought a "SAK" at Costco. I'm happier with a simpler purse.
Easy to put together. Just cut with scissors and attach the buckle. Very stylish too!
Based on the pictures, heads up!! Exspenive fake raybans
Order one size smaller than usual. These shirts are fantastic! They have become my favorites. Great quality, material, color, and weight.
I really like the ease of tightening and release for everyday use. Kahki and black colors also fit my wardrobe. At this price I bought 2 sets and am very happy.
they fit really nice, you feel no pressure around the ears or nose, they dont have that foggy look like some sunglasses do, they seem well made not cheap. This is my favorite pair now.
3 year old loves it. She took it apart multiple times however. They sale replacement bands.
It said for women, but only fit my husband
Hubby bought me this adorable gift
Nice fit and it warm too. If the weather a little chilly, this will fit in.
The color wasn't the one I selected (the current photo). Still a great product.

Love it!
Love this thing! Well worth it! It holds lots of cards and extra space for cash. It looks great, wears well, zipper works flawlessly.
A really lovely gift for someone special and feels really well made also the packaging was really awesome thank you!!!!
Perfect. Light, good elastic waist band.. just what I was looking for.é-Élastique-Grossesse-Pantalons