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The Supreme Old Skool Vans 

Key Custom Features: 

1. Airbrushed "Supr" & "eme" logos on the toebox. 

2. Available only for a limited time. 

ATTENTION: For our international customers, please make sure you provide your exact address in ENGLISH. International orders may be subject to an Import Fee that is NOT included in the price of the purchase or shipping.  

Base shoe is included. Please allow 3-5 weeks to be completed and shipped out to you. This is subject to change due to the volume of orders. design your own converse shoes onlinedesign your own converse shoes online Any questions, please contact us here.

I needed a new wallet and this one fit the bill perfectly. Nicely made, lots of slots for cards, and even a zippered compartment and several sections for cash and other incidentals. It was beautifully packaged, too. A small gift item was also included - nice surprise!
Love this bag! I travel quite a bit and have ruined bags in the past by stuffing them full. This bag took all I shoved in it, and still had room for more. The zippers work well when stuffed and knowing all my essentials are protected and safe from thieves allows me to travel with confidence! This is my second bag from them and I will definitely buy from them in the future! Great value!
Was a bit worried when I purchased this product about it fitting over my glasses with thick frames. It actually went over them quite well. Helps some with the glare at night.
Bought them for my boyfriend. He said they're hands down the best, ever. Looks like he'll be getting these every year for Christmas!
I've only used the belt for about a week now but so far its been great! Seem like very nice quality. Great for those who conceal carry. Hopefully it hold up over time.
My teenager likes them and thre dark color is great.
Seemed fine I guess but wayyyy to big, I had to return it
i wear it to work everyday
Excellent hat. Highly recommend. Getting alot of complements.
Just as the picture! Nice purse!
Love it!
They are great but are very skinny and it is almost too easy to see under them, sometimes I get a glare off of my dash that can be prevented by other glasses.
I am very happy with the wallet because I can fit everything I need in it.
I bought the 2T for my granddaughter who is 22 months. She normally wears an 18-24 months. The top is adorable and fits very nicely, however the pants are so tiny they don't even cover her pull-up/swimmer. The bottoms would be perfect for a potty trained little girl though.
Didn't latch at all when I got it, too much room for the belt to move up and off the latch. I had to put it in my voice and bend the hoop down to keep the belt in place. Been working good for a week now.
Purchased this as a Christmas gift and it looks and feels great.
They are actually long enough for him to tuck in, which is great. He is 6'7" and we all know what a chore it is to find clothes that actually fit. These fit true to size, buy with confidence.
These trunks were delivered on time but the quality was not what I expected.

The tag was already ripped off when I received them and they had a tear in the leg. I cut the top of the package with scissors so I know it wasn't anything I did.

Unfortunately, I packed these without inspecting them and didn't have another pair with me so I had to wear them. Can't very well return them now
Very good product in terms of quality. Just, not as functional for my needs. Id I didnt have to carry so many cards/IDs, this product would work great, but I found it difficult to remove cards easily.
I gifted this for my mom on Christmas. She loved it! When she put it on it was eye-catching because the sparkliness. Couldn't take my eyes off it.
I bought this ten pack about five months ago. I put five pairs away and wore a regular rotation of the other five pairs. I work full time so these are essentially weekend socks. Even with that little use I just threw away my second pair today because they developed giant holes in the heel. They're cheap but you get what you pay for. Next time I'm trying another brand.

1-13-16 update:
I'm now down to 4.5 pairs of viable socks as they keep getting holes in the heels. So in 14 months 11 of 20 socks gone. Essentially if you buy these think of them as a disposable once a year purchase.
This tie is very attractive and nicely made.
My husband loved these shirts so much that I bought some for myself as well!
Wasnt aware it was knee high
Love them
Good for chilly weather but not freezing weather.
Exactly what was expected