shoelace designs for 7 holes

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Custom Key Features: 

1. Professionally prepared for durability. 

2. Professionally airbrushed for flexibility. 

3. Professionally sealed for a factory finish. 

4. Handmade in the USA. 

5. Professionally color matched to resemble the classic Air Max 90's. 

ATTENTION: For our international customers, please make sure you provide your exact address in ENGLISH. 
WARNING: These shoes have painted soles, painted soles are a high risk option. Steps will be taken to improve durability. However, painted soles are wear at your own risk. 
Base shoe is included. Please allow 7-9 weeks to be completed and shipped out to you. This is subject to change due to the volume of orders. Please read our Disclaimer & Return Policy before purchasing. shoelace designs for 7 holes Any questions, please contact us.

Fits to size, looks nice on, comfortable.
was broken when it arrived - returned
Quick shipping. Great hats. Fit is perfect. Awesome deal!
Nice top. I like carhartt products.
My new favorite socks!!! So soft and comfortable! And they don't slip down! Everything about the design is great. The fitted part around the arch, the pad at the back so it doesn't slip, and protects your ankle, the almost non-existent seam at the toe so you don't even feel it. They're great. I didn't know I could be so excited about socks. Ha ha!
Very nice especially for the price.
Quality good
It was a gift.
good fit
It was a present for my son in law and he like it.
It's great. Easy to set and use. Very comfortable.
Feels like high quality leather! Falls at right place for a crossbody bag. Roomy I side with pockets. Very nice for the price!
Good job, easy to fit to right size, unlocks real easy, would purchase it again.
Very soft/lightweight, plain t-shirts. My husband has been ordering and wearing them for two years now. He loves that there is no tag and they keep him cool.
Got this for my nephew to wear in a wedding
These shirts are so compfy and fit so well I had to get another set The cloth they are made of makes them more like a expencive shirt rather than just underwear .
An excellent product with a true cut around the crotch.Does not shrink and the colour does not run or fade.
Fits perfect. I wanted a plain bake hat and that's what this is.
I bought this for my niece and she really seemed to like it, seems like quality merchandise.
They claim to be "relaxed" fit. I returned them once, only to be sent the same pair(s) again. They are not relaxed fit, nor do they say anywhere on them that they are. I have been wearing relaxed fit wranglers for 10 years. These are way too small. Unfortunately, was working out of town and I've surpassed the return window. Is there any way to contact amazon ???
these are a very nice pair of sweatpants but they do run large .
Good. Quality. I am ready to get onother one
Love the product! Nice soft leather with a great layout for bills and cards. The box the product came in was also well presented.

I'll buy another when the time comes!

Very nice socks! Surprised at how soft they are. No more cheap Walmart socks!!
I bought these for my husband and they looked awful after one wash. Now the pocket is falling apart. Very poor quality.
Was disppointed as the fit was loose. The 2 screws below to remove lenses were rounded and thus unable to be removed.
High quality material and fits nice.
If you are looking for a thinner soft t-shirt these are perfect!
Very good. I recommend
So, after ordering a couple of "imported" black balaclavas a couple weeks ago that I felt ashamed of buying and wearing, I went in search of an "American made" alternative...I didn't like the balaclava "terrorist" look, so I went in search of something that didn't cover my whole head...After typing "American made" in the search bar, Amazon finished the search for me by prompting "American made facemasks"...And that's how I came across this item...

The designs are a bit wild, so I went with the most tame looking one, the "Tonal American Flag w/ Eagle"...It looks full grey in the picture, but it's more of a blue/grey mix in reality...

Why grey ? Well, I had a friend who was in his seventies and knew a lot about clothing...He had his clothes custom made back when he was young and rich...Every now and then he'd teach me something about clothes...One thing I learned was that grey matches with any color...If you just close your eyes and pick any color to go with grey, you'll "see" that this is true...

Moving on, I got this neck gaiter in the mail a matter of hours ago, and here's what I have to say at the moment...

The seams on the sides are difficult to find because they pretty much blend in with the rest of the fabric...You find them by feel rather than sight...They are just slightly harder than anywhere else...Pretty impressive !!!

Since I feel compelled to measure everything for reasons not quite clear to me, I can give you the dimensions...The gaiter is 9 inches wide by a whopping 18 inches long...This length comes in handy when adjusting it on your face...

So, putting it on the first time I kinda freaked out...I may have sworn out loud...Why ? Well, when I first pulled it up onto my nose, it started to slide right down and I thought I was screwed with another ill fitting face covering...The solution was easy enough...Being as long as it is, all you have to do is pull more material onto your face and then put it over your nose...Problem solved...It stayed put however I wanted it to...

As for the claim that this won't warm up your face, I decided to test that...Inside my home it's about 72 degrees...Absolutely no problem wearing it in that heat...Since that didn't really prove anything I decided to go out for a short walk with this thing on...I checked the weather and it was 82 degrees...After walking for about 5 minutes in the shade, I changed my course for full sun on my face...And, true to the claim, I felt no discomfort...Another check mark in this neck gaiter's favor...

As for portability, this rolls and folds into quite a small object...Easily fits into a back pocket...

There's only one thing that concerns me about this product...There is absolutely no stitching on either end...It looks like it was chopped of on boths ends with a paper cutter...(See attached pictures) The saving grace of the design though, is that when the material is stretched it doesn't pull the stitching apart...Instead it curls over itself...So, no immediate reason to be freaked out by this...We'll see if it becomes a problem or not down the road...It may be strong as hell, but it just LOOKS crappy...

That's my only gripe, and the only reason I'm removing one star...

Quite happy with this purchase...Hopefully I've helped you make your decision...


Good luck !!!èrement-Jambe-Pantalon-Svelte