personalized air force ones

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Custom Key Features: 

1. Professionally airbrushed upper for flexibility. 

2. Professionally hand painted cement print. 

3. Professionally seal for added protection. 

ATTENTION: For our international customers, please make sure you provide your exact address in ENGLISH. 
Base shoe is included. Please allow 3-5 weeks to be completed and shipped out to you. This is subject to change due to the volume of orders. Please read our Disclaimer & Return Policy before purchasing. personalized air force ones Any questions, please contact us.

A Fantastic Creative Gift! You will not be disappointed! Love it! High quality !
These broke the first day around the bridge area of the nose. My money will be refunded....but I'm still disappointed.
Wow! after wearing these support socks (support hose) just one day I noticed a difference. Not only are they confortable they did the job of helping expel the water retained. I am sold and am glad that I bought the 7 pack. I will probably never wear any other type of sock.
I like the softness of the leather on this purse. I would prefer a less conspicuous adjustable strap (for shoulder or cross body) though. I prefer something that would not have an adjustment I guess. At any rate, I do like this purse.
Love it. Bought it for when I go to concerts. Perfect. Big enough for phone, lipstick and few other small things.
I bought this shirt for my son for marching band practice. He is outside in 90+ degree weather and stays cool. No more sunburns for this kid. Thank you for a wonderful product.
Great quality.I love this hat. People tell me it really improves my looks. Thanks
Super cute with tons of room but cheaply made with warning signs of high chances of wear and tear. The zipper fell off the first day that I received it. I still kept using it despite the outside lining of the bag beginning to tear. I was aware that it wasn't built Ford tough but I wanted a backpack that I'd be using most days of the week, to last me at least through the year.
I feel like for the value that I paid, it's not realistic to expect a durable bag. Nonetheless, it is super cute and stylish.
Alas, I returned it but definitely encourage those who won't use this bag too often to consider purchasing.
Nice quality. Fits well.
Nice feel. goes over both feet easily..I have one foot with problems and these work well. That's why I bought another pack.
Thank you so much for the beautiful piece. It's exactly what I wanted.
To work
I gave as a gift and my son loves how they look and feel. I would recommend to a friend.
I have been using COSTCO brand... size 36 and they have been very good. Bought these in a size LARGE, and they would fit an 8 year old. If this is indicative of the "essentials" brand, it is very disappointing.
Exactly what I was looking for! They are very comfortable!
Love the tote. Very versatile and casual. Not cheap looking.
Felt like it was quite expensive, when I bought it for my mom's glasses that she needs to use for her work. But they work well so $$ well spent I guess
Update: May 3, 2017
I downgraded my review to 4 stars from 5. One of my straight stays, for no apparent reason, blew a snap. Appears to just have fallen apart. All the others appear to be holding well. And wouldn't you know broke on day 32 of a 30-day return policy! Some guys have all the luck. Still the best thing I have found out there (unless the other 5 follow suit!).

(and now back to my original review.....)
FABULOUS PRODUCT! I work in hospitality at a Marriott Residence Inn. We are known for our good looking and friendly staff. I drive shuttle and also find myself doing a lot of public area/lobby cleaning and maintaining. I sit, stand, squat, crawl, you name it. I am also a stockier build, so even just walking around poses a challenge for me to keep my uniform shirt tucked in and looking good. For this reason, I use a combination of Y and Straight stays.

For the past 4 months, I have been using stays from our local uniform shop that cost $10. They are thin elastic with easily broken / easily unhitched adjustment clips. They utilize the old rubber button and metal hoop style connectors. I could only get them to work with my thinnest dress socks (not fun when you are working on the van in negative Wisconsin winter weather temps!). I was readjusting, reattatching, and refitting on a daily basis, and had consoled myself with the notion that this was the way things were with these devices.

I finally went looking to see if something better was out there.....AND THERE WAS!!!!

World's Best Shirt Stays are made with a stiffer, beefier elastic (what I would explect for tactical police equipment). At first, I was concerned that they would not feel as comfortable as my prior stays. WRONG! They were just as comfortable, if not more so. They are adjusted with a solid plastic buckle that does not give way during the day. The ends are easy to snap on-snap off metal clasps with plastic teeth that grab hold of just about any fabric. AND THEY DO NOT LET GO!!!! These were well worth the price I paid. I wish I had known about them sooner. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
works great, seems to be good quality
Very nice frame and good value for money.
Love them and already order more.
gorgeous bag, love it, thank you Stephanie Sanders
I ordered 2 sets. The first arrived neatly folded and packaged. A week later the second arrived in a bulky bag with hankies looking as if they had been washed. The items were just tossed in bag in this condition. I was more than disappointed as this was supposed to be a gift. The only good news is I had not direct shipped this item.
I have had Gildan socks before and thought these would be the same. They dont appear to be as substantial as the other socks I have had and expect they will wear out much more quickly than the others did.
Love these shorts! Gifted these to my boyfriend and he is constantly wearing them now. The material is so comfortable and they fit so well. Thanks Volcom!
It wasnt big enough. I love the concept of it. But it did not work for me