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The Dragon Ball Z Air Prestos. 

Custom Key Features: 

1. Professionally airbrushed base coat to match the color of the Dragon Ball. 

2. Professionally painted Stars on the toebox. 

3. Handmade in the USA. 

ATTENTION: For our international customers, please make sure you provide your exact address in ENGLISH. 


These do not come in HALF SIZES. These have a sock-like fit. Please round up or down for a looser or tighter fit. 

Base shoe is included. Please allow 4-6 weeks to be completed and shipped out to you. This is subject to change due to the volume of orders.  design shoelacesAny questions, please contact us.

Great shorts, fit as expected. Excellent quality & durability. Love the phone pocket! Very practical as a work short. I'm a painter and they are great! Look good out on the town in summer as well
Polarization is good would have got five stars if it and spring hinges.
The best of design, materials and craftsmanship. And the most efficient use of space. You can't go wrong with this wallet!
I could not have been more happy having these on my almost 300 mile trip down the Colorado River! Very little if any eye fatigue from the constant sun while rafting, and even after running multiple rapids and being sucked under the water these glasses stayed ON! After ten straight days of river rafting and camping there wasnt even a scratch on the lenses! I would highly recommend these! Everyone who tried them on was impressed and would ask to trade shades since their glasses werent as high quality as this product! Great price for outstanding performance!
Perfect for my trip, kept my belongings safe and secure. Fit comfortably on my back. Colors were just as they appeared online. Came in very nice packaging
Were not the same style as ones I tried on in Gander Mountain with the same tag style. These seemed more plastic like and cheap. They were too tight and I sent them back. Refund was smooth though.
Better than others and reasonably priced
It fits perfect in my handbag love my wallet
I bought the xxl as I wanted a baggy sweatshirt to wear to the beach but way, way to small disappointed
I needed a new wallet but didnt want to pay more than the money I would put in it. This wallet is great. Im more than happy with it. I even get compliments on it. I find that strange, but so be it.
I was looking for a simple wallet that held everything I needed at a decent price, this is it! I get asked all the time where I got it. Its not overly bulky or anything. I like that its so simple, it can go with anything. Even fits in my smaller purses. Definitely recommend this wallet!
Love love this purse
I really loved and enjoy this earrings, my girls (7 and 3 years) change every day her earrings now. Its super cute and we have a lot fun. And yes my old one have alot allergies but with thus one everything its ok. Off course she didn't sleeping with but look good to her. Ah and the presentation its super cute. Super value.
Thick tough work shirt will last for years
I ordered a pair of these, washed them, wore them on a road trip to Vegas (5+ hours) and arrived with an indention of the crotch lining around the 'tip' of my nethers. Thinking that it was the car, I continued to wear another pair the next day and it only got worse. The ribbing / lining in the area that goes directly around your genitals is too thin / cheap / narrow. Uncomfortable, horrible quality, do yourself and your package a favor and stop paying for bargain underwear.
Nice product , just what I needed. Quick shipment!!
I had no idea these were polarized when I got them. They are my first pair of polarized glasses and they are perfect for driving during sunset or sunrise when the sun is the brightest. Plus, they look super professional and nice and come with a free cleaning cloth. (*I was sent these for free by SojosVision but this is my honest opinion)
Great wallet
Very cute purse with tassel.
I really like the bags.Thanks
Hubby wore out his old beige Carhatt hat after nearly a decade of wear. Bought this as a present for him and it's super. The color makes the hat look more worn and not stand out like a brand new cap. Adjustable size, quality material- everything you expect from Carhartt.
Great shirts
Look good. Comfortable to wear. Only complaint is that the case is rather flimsy.
Great fit. Very comfortable. Like the pockets. Seem to be well made. So far so good. Will know more after a few months of wear and laundering.
This bag is very nice, good quality for sure, lots of sure ace inside and good pockets. The zippers all seem sturdy and it also came with a free gift of a Chinese knot charm which is pretty and I am keeping on the bag from one of the snap on straps! Would buy again!
One of my biggest concerns with Polo shirts is their breathability (I think that is a word). I have been very pleased with this shirt in that regard. It breaths well, it fits well, it is inexpensive, and looks nice.
These are beautiful, soft underwear (weird thing to say for my son's stuff, but true). They wash perfectly. Even the presentation is great. No opening in front, which my son likes. Thanks :)
Love them!!
I bought this back in Dec 2014 for a trip to Costa Rica to have something small to fit in swim shorts and front pockets. It's not waterproof by any means, but it's a handy little wallet that will carry more than I usually need. I originally bought it for a beach/hiking wallet for its size and that I could use the key ring to tie a cord/lanyard to a belt loop or whatever. After using it on vacation, I never went back to my full sized wallet and still use it to this day. Just checked it and I have about 10 cards in the front pocket with the ID window, a few bills in the back pocket, and a spare car key on the key ring in the pouch. Granted if you fill it with a bunch of coins or singles too, it does start to get a bit bloated. Really lightweight if you keep the contents sensible and easy to tuck in a front pocket too. It would be nice to have a better design for the key ring so when you slid it in its pouch with a key you didn't feel it while sitting on a hard surface as much in your back pocket. Something to make it less perpendicular and less protruding. Not really a big deal or game stopper though. Knock on wood, but no rips/tears or undone stitching so far and I've used this every day since Dec. 2014. For the price, durability, and general attributes that I like of this simple wallet I would definitely buy again.
The quality was not that good, it appeared that it was sitting in the store for years in a poor condition. The original Ray Ban box was beat up, the protective case was very cheap looking. It looked like something ancient :(

I would recommend everyone to make sure you are getting the right size which will suite your face, try to go to a near by store and try it there first before you order. If the store was selling it $20 to $30 more then here then go for the store.