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Returned for refund.
Definitely want to size up.
These are beautiful! Love all the sizes! Great quality and price!
My son liked
Looking for a band ring to wear whenever I worked in the yard, when boating or when I need a guard ring... this is perfect! Great fit, very comfortable and extremely durable. Very happy with it!
Good deal fast shipping
Great shirts. I work in the gardens a lot and I wear these under my shirts. They fit nicely, wash easily, hold their colors, stretch to fit and hold their shape. I started wearing men's shirts when I was a teenager growing up on a farm. Men's shirts last longer than the clothes made for women. My sister has even worn these under nice blouses to work. Give it a try..
Very nice bag for the price!
2 out of the 7 pair are smaller. They are all marked L/XL.
I love my small bag. Its my weekend quick grab bag when Im just trying to take my keys, cash and cards! I love the details on it! Makes it look expensive
My wife has not worn it yet but she was quite pleased when she opened the box and saw it. I'd like to think that will remain the carefree she wears it.
I wear these all the time to play competitive beach doubles. I get a ton of complements on them. As a woman, they fit my head tight enough to stay on, but not too tight to cause pain. The only downside is that they scratch eventually, and the blue reflective finish will come off in spots. I get a new pair every year because of this, but I obviously put them through a lot of wear and tear on the beach.
Perfect for the winter!!!
Its not a staple in my home. My wife likes it too. Warm and comfortable.
Beautiful necklace and very well made. Presented in a pretty box.My friend very love it. It is designed well in that there really aren't many edges that can irritate the skin or snag on clothes. It stays in line with skin, not easily flipping over. Overall, a nice simple piece this style is meaningful to my friend.
Liked the shirt
I purchased this purse in preparation for a trip to Italy in January. Specifically I was planning on traveling to some areas which are known for being hotbeds of pickpocket activity and wanted to be on the safe side. Overall I was very pleased with my purchase.

* Loved all the various pockets, made it easy to keep everything organized from coin change to my passport and my cell phone.
* The design is perfect for wearing across the chest, which I like (I did not have issues with the strap slipping or being uncomfortable like others.
* It's sturdy and I imagine it will hold up well to repeated use, while still lightweight enough to pack down into luggage if need be.
* It's big enough to fit my ipad mini
* The locking mechanism made me feel much more secure and I always kept my wallet and cards inside the main pocket.

The only real minus from me is that it's just slightly small for also carrying my dslr camera comfortably, which I was hoping for so I wouldn't need an additional camera bag. So I might look into the next size up from Travelon for my next trip when I plan on taking lots of photos!
very comfortable and fits great. i been giving recommendations for this. product
Great shorts for an active summer!
Hard case has plenty of room for glasses and the cleaning cloth is a nice touch. I got two cases to hold my day driving
This is my second go around with Bulliant Ratchet Belts My Husband is a Fan . This is number 4 and counting
these glasses look cheap on......
I saw this bag in a YouTube video and had to have it. I bought it on May 25 so I wanted to wait a bit and use it for a while before I reviewed it. Its very spacious and can fit a lot of stuff. Its cute and goes with any outfit. Sometimes the latch can be a pain when Im in a rush, but I just leave it unlatched. Problem solved. Its great and affordable too!
Nice socks for the price paid though it is a tad loose.
Overall Im happy with the material and comfort.
Got a size large for the bf hes 6ft tall and slim. The large was really baggy but short on him and rides up. The material is thin but not super soft. Its cheap so were keeping it especially since its a pajama pant but not really happy with the item and wont be ordering it again. For the price its ok but wouldnt say its the best thing I bought for a bargain price either.
It's beautiful,well made I love the beads on the front.awesome price too.
I love them
They are the best glasses I ever own
My boyfriend absolutely loves it. Is made with quality material and is a decent hat!
Perfect for necessities.