The Neck just keeps getting larger, it looks like something a lady might wear off one shoulder.
Bonus, does not mess up my hair when putting the shirt on.
If you like large droopy necklines, this shirt is for you.
Carhartt, you blew this one.
Great socks around the house
Love em
This is a nice backpack but the inside rips very easily and gets stuck on all of your items. Probably wouldn't purchase another. I'm upset because I actually do really like the bag
Okay wallet, nothing wrong just not great quality and the magnet is weak
 I am a recent transplant to Iowa and I have a rather large driveway and parking area that I have to clear with a small tractor that I recently bought a blade for. I knew a rather large snow was coming so I went in search of a full face mask. I purchased this one based on reviews and price. I got it a couple days before the snow hit, along with some goggles (not part of the mask) because I knew I'd be outside for 2 or 3 hours clearing my drive. This thing was great. I did purchase goggles to cover my eyes because the wind chill was below zero but I never got cold. Of course breathing through it for 3 hours caused it to condensate and freeze but they all do that and I just put it in the washer with the towels and it was right back in shape again. I give it 5 stars for performance and comfort. Since I only just got it I can't speak to its durability but the material quality feels good so I think it should last a while. Thankfully I won't have to wear it daily as I don't work outside but for my purposes, it did great!
Like other posts said, these are a bit small. We have several other 4t underwear and these are about a 1/2 inch smaller all around than the others that we have. Of course, they are Frozen, so I dont think my daughter cares.
Good A+++
Nice comfortable shirts at a good price
hubby loves these
Nice long sleeve shirts
This is the most incredible wallet! I have had this for 2 years now, and amazes me how many cards I have in it, and it is so small. If desired, can easily fit in the front pocket for safety. It has held up perfectly in everyday use. Would definitely buy again, but right now it is still in perfect shape.
Can't beat it for the price.
Good quality.
Comfy, comfy, comfy.
Such a stylish bag, receive so many compliments ! Love it!!
I've been wearing Carhartt Men's Workwear tee shirts for years. Great fit, great quality and great durability. So many tees have fabric that is so thin it's more like cheesecloth. These shirts are great and made to last.
Wonderful bag, I was worried the grey color had a little brown tint to it but it does not. Its the perfect color. Holds lots even though its very slim.
Good gift for my 8 year old son
Ive been using this wallet for quite some time and it took some getting used to having always carried a traditional wallet. But I can say that this will be the wallet I will carry from now on. It fits easily in your front pocket holds plenty of cards that are easily accessible and has a band on it for your cash.
I bought 2 hats. One was red and the other dark blue. Guess what no quality control as the darker color fits perfect and the red cap is too small. I ordered a size 8. Beware before you order
These get badly wrinkled in laundry. After one wash they already look several years old.
I got these for my little brothers for Christmas and the reaction was exactly what I had hoped for: hysterical laughter AND grateful for pizza socks!
I have 15 pair of these Modal Boxer Briefs, and they are the most comfortable under shorts I have ever worn. I do buy the next size smaller in Micro Modal than I would normally in other materials to achieve the best fit.
Shirts fit well and feel great!
Best Price in Town
It was a nice gift
It is of good quality price is very good just what I needed
Great underwear, great price. They have a nice fit and feel really nice. I just bought two more packages to update my underwear selection.
Great sock