Love these sunglasses. Great look and helps with bright sun and snow reflection blindness.
I love this wallet. I use it every day. Very durable. In love with the purple leather..
Love the fact when I am biking and hot & sweaty that it keeps the swet from getting into my eyes. Great protection for my eyes. Light and no slipping at this point.
at a fantastic price--exceptional quality down to the packaging. This product would pass as a $50 belt.
I have a 36" waist and a large fit perfectly. Much cooler in the summer heat than cotton and they seem to eliminate chaffing.
Like the socks, however they run small. I wear a size 9 and the socks do not stay on my feet when playing sports, they slide off my heel.
Been five days since a picture to an address we know not said: delivered.
Five wasted days of multiple hours with Philippines each to no resolve.
These are nice socks. I wear them often and haven't put any holes in them yet. 5/5 worth the price. They shrink a bit after you wash them a few times but not enough to be much of a negative (hence the 5 star). Th lip on the back of the heel is pretty nice for when you wear work shoes that normally rub your achilles tendon. They are a little thinner than other socks I've had but they breath pretty well because of it.
I just wish there was more internal pockets. Otherwise I love this purse.
It arrived sooner than expected. The purse is actually for my daughter for Christmas, and i really want to order the same color for myself.
This is the cap that I was looking for. It really is a premium flex-fit. Nice color, fast delivery. I highly recommend this!
These are nice undies from fruit of the loom. I just happen to have a picky wearer of underwear. There is the elastic around the openings of this and my child finds them uncomfortable. She will wear them when white underwear is a necessity, but we do have to struggle a bit to get them on her since these aren't as comfortable as the seamless undies. She loves the seamless ones.
I love this handbag. It is the perfect size and matches almost every outfit I wear.
Not as expected and the material made of is of very low quality, thin and rough on my face
Awesome for what it does. Slim, light, hardly know its there. Great if you just need to carry a few things every day. Not great if you carry a big stack of stuff.
Perfect fit!!!
Great product and quality.
nice, good material
Son-In-Law loves it for hiking and hunting
They were for my husband and he loves them
Shipped promptly actually ordered by mistake however they turned out to be comfortable and durable to the way more expensive brand .Quite pleasantly surprised.
FITS 13-14 OK but no sure they will fit a 15-16 .Washed several times & no unraveling like the Under Armours I received around the same time .
They stayed up without the constant adjusting to keep them from falling off, like most no show socks I've had.
For the price I find Hanes to be a great disposable T-shirt company. I like 3xl to keeps things baggy. My father whom also was stocky and a hundred pounds more than me liked his shirts tight. Cheap and loose makes this shirt a must buy for me. If you want a tighter shirt buy the ones with pockets.
My husband loved these, wouldn't stop wearing them. They look good on him too. And so much better than regular glasses because of the sun protection. Unfortunate my husband sat on them and broke the frame, but he's been asking me to buy them again.
The clip broke after a couple uses. Did not help with headlight glare
Best Buy ! Great product; came in a masterpiece packaging. Tried it and it works perfectly in my Mac book. Highly recommended !
I bought these to sleep in so I got a size bigger, they are great for summer. I would not wear these under pants or shorts though because I prefer boxer briefs for daily wear. If you want a loose fit boxer they are fine. Very comfortable.