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They stay tucked in and are very comfortable.
Perfect all the way around. Thank you.
Its really nice
The Nottingham Hill slim wallet is definitely a grab and go card wallet for essential identification, a few credit cards and sufficient paper money. I really like the color and the size; it fits into most of my pockets when I need to dispense with carrying a purse. My design preference would be a nylon zipper, instead of the metal zipper. It is hard on my nails.
Good fit and size accuracy
Love this necklace.
My husband luvs this brand/style of scrubs!
I love these! And appreciate the extra goodies that came in the packaging.
It is cheap material
2 weeks of use and the bag already broke!
Good hat fast shipping thanks.
The glasses were boxed perfectly
I m giving these to my boyfriend and feel confident he will really like them. I got these because he works outside not for sports.
I love the size and styles of these earrings. I even have extras as gifts! However, at the end of the day, my earlobes were slightly irritated.
Use primarily as undershirts at work and they are great. No stretching after all day use as undershirt like with some V-Necks. Light weight and breathable and as i said after a long day at work it still fits like its supposed to. Can easily wear as normal non-work undershirt or even as the shirt i wear for the day by itself.
This works great. Already been to Jamaica and back. I felt a lot more comfortable with my wallet in my front pocket in a foreign country. Lays very thin too
Seemed smaller than nornal
The bag is poorly made and the specifications written are false and are made of nylon
I am usually a XXL in shirts. This XXL runs really big, the jacket fits nice over a sweatshirt but the pants are more like a XXXL ,maybe bigger and I'm 6'0 240. Will have to send back for XL
Very good
Looks just like picture love it
Great handkerchiefs
Got a large I'm about 5'1 and 150-169 weighed it fits perfect .
These shorts are pretty awful. I'm not really sure how any real operators could like these... The sizing is way off. I'm usually somewhere between a 36 and a 38, so I bought a 36 to start and they couldn't even button!! I bought the 38 (which are usually loose to the point of having to wear a belt) and they felt how most 36 pants fit... SNUG!!! Sizing is a serious issue

Secondly, all the cargo pockets are zippers... and what seems to be cheap zipper at that.

Really, not a fan of these shorts. The cost is also VERY HIGH for what you're getting here.
This is great. Much slimmer than a traditional wallet and made me get all of the membership cards moved out of my back pocket. You don't even know it is there. Love this wallet.

Update: if you still keep this in your back pocket, you will sit on it. If you sweat, that along with pressure from sitting on it will allow your cards (and ID) to get "stuck"/"stick" in the wallet. For instance, you get pulled over... you have to work to get your ID out of the wallet. In a front pocket, it might work better.
First of all the size in the picture is a bit showing big to the real life size which was not a problem for me as I bought it for my Mother in law and she is isn't young prefers medium to small size purses but the purse is sooo pretty, honestly if by the 24th I will find affordable jewelry for her, I will keep the purse for myself :) it's very stylish. maybe too stylish for her 63 years old..
As described, shipped fast, arrived on time. He loves Hanes, no tags!
Love it
gift for the wife, she likes it, so I do too
It was a gift for my son because he love the brand and the model of these briefs. Delivery was on time and product is excellent
i would love this shirt and give it 5 stars... I bought several. but on a few shirts a seam splits in the same place on a seam next to the buttons near the collar...é-Soutien-gorge-moulée-D17180E7-2P