pentagram shoelace pattern

Elegant. Love them.
very great fitting undies
They were fine
Quality sock. Husband likes them. Comfortable and great fit. Washes great.
This was a gift for my daughter-in-law. She loved it!
I love the grey colors as well as how comfy these socks are.
These glasses go over my prescription glasses easily. The fit is great. I drive to work early in the morning, when it's dark and sometimes raining and these glasses have made it a much easier and less stressful drive. They really help with all the on coming traffic.
The Bag is NICE, however, it is too small for me. I must return it. Please send me Mailing Label.
I ordered this purse April 28th and selected free shipping and handling and received it April 29th. This purse is very well made good quality and the packaging is elegant and pretty. All of the positive reviews are true I am very satisfied with my purchase.
Love it!
Its nice
Love the zipper and great for organizing for my mom.
Bought the kitten and the turtle, for my 5 and 7 year old granddaughters. They are adult sized, they come adjusted to the smallest size and it fit me. My son-in-law gently overlapped the adjustable end and they worked. They are very cute, just kind of wish they would have been made for young girls. Also, they would have liked a color chart. For the price they are nice.
Too thin
Nice sparkly earrings for a young girl
Perfect size!
They finally made a name brand cap that fits perfectly on my big O head. I wear 7 3/4 pro fit and this cap are right the dot. Comfy stylish with Curry look.
I bought this to practice face painting. I used Tag and global brand paints. This stains so bad it is completely usable after the first application. .
Great fit for size. Great shape. Nice cushioning.
hurts my ears in long travels
If your feet sweat these socks make a big of a difference
Perfect shirt for summer. Great fit.
I am very happy with my purchase of the Michelle Obama purses. It's been a great purchase.
Amazing Product. Great Quality - compare to big US Name Brand. All the details are perfect. I'll never pay $100+ for a pair of sunglasses again. Customer Service from the seller was superb - above and beyond. I will be buying more. I have a larger face and these frames fit perfect.
granddaughter liked
The point of focus on these glasses is really short. My eyes are not that bad and I have to get times fairly close to pull a comfortable focus point
One of the better quality belts I've ordered
I was hoping for a little more comfort, with a little more bounce in the socks. Theyre okay, and do the job. But I was hoping for just a little more luxury.
Good quality but bulky.