Real t shirt transfer paper epson printer for new gifts Warehouse

Real t shirt transfer paper epson printer for new gifts Warehouse

looks good

Just lost a stone

Nice looking and fitting shorts. On the shorter side but not too short.

chewbacca christmas lights t shirt

Great product. Works well for folks that are in between belt sizes. Super manufacturer followup

Best. Thing. Ever.

I get a lot of compliments on this! It’s tough, I’ve had it several months and it isn’t showing any signs of wear at all —I don’t switch wallets when I switch purses, just use this all the time. Really happy with it! And it has lots of compartments to keep all my crap organized.

Fun to wear! Great fit!

i m just one big freakin ray of sunshine t shirt

Excellent quality and a very good fit. They are warm, comfy, soft and stay up. The style is classic and they wash well. They are made in Brooklyn NY, so it's good to support locally made merchandise.

Best hiking socks

Material sucks.

black and hot pink t shirts

had an issue with my Costa sunglasses sliding off once i started to sweat. Costa was of no help. while searching Amazon I saw these and gave them a try. Easily adjustable and keep my sunglasses in place. They do exactly what they are supposed to do.

This is a lightweight hoodie - if you want one for winter wear or for heavy work use look elsewhere - but the quality is very good, the sizing is correct, and by golly the price is right. Thank you to the nice Guatemalan ladies who made these for very low wages - you are excellent seamstresses and make a really nice hoodie!

I got two after I lost one but found it again. SO I have on for green days and one for blue days. Sometimes I switch it up midday.


Summary: I have never personally bought Ray-Bans before, but I can say with utmost confidence that my purchase hasn't gone down the drain. To those who are on the fence, they are double mirrored and reduce glare by a long shot.

-Solid build quality, all metal
-Glass for lenses
-Comfortable fit, not to heavy on any side

-Wish there was more "protection" at the eyebrow level (but it's minor when driving)

The end of the description says "...whenever you want to live dust free." It would have to be mighty big dust.

I purchased strictly for a barrier between me and the pollen while cutting grass. To be fair the description didn't mention pollen or cutting the grass. As others have noted you're basically purchasing stretchy t shirt material. Like a camo t-shirt. I can't see how the weave will keep much of anything out that matters. This thing was made to sell..not to use and I despise giving bad reviews.

First thing you notice is that with nothing to seal around the top of the nose, if you wear glasses, they fog. Presumably when you breathe in the dusty air goes right back down those two yawning canyons. So for that, total loss.

I think the camo material is great for what it's good for. I will keep to use this fall hunting...a little something extra to keep my neck warm. No bones to pick with the material....just...I wouldn't have chosen it were I designing my own

I ordered this for my grandson and surprisingly it was nice for the price. I don't know how long it will work yet since he has only had it a week or so but he loved it and that is what counts. The biggest downfall is that it took forever (approximately 3-4 weeks to get it as it comes from China!

These were a purchase for my son who plays baseball. He wears them often & loves their stylish look!

Right Fit.

100 cotton knit t shirt fabric

Like most

These are so cute!!!! And so useful. The rubber band stays on just fine. When the rubber band is removed, it is tricky to keep the bracelet on but I have found that if I pull the bracelet up my arm, it stays on just fine and still looks very cute. I ordered both the silver and gold one. The silver is my favorite and has not tarnished or colored my arm at all, even after wearing it all day and nearly everyday since I got it. It also looks a little more expensive than it actually is.

I personally do not like the gold colored one, mainly because I do not wear a lot of gold and it kind of looks cheap. It still is very sturdy same as the silver but just not my particular style. Also does not look nice with black rubber bands in my personal opinion. My 14 year old niece liked it so I gave it to her. She is very happy with it.

Highly recommend!

t pain take your shirt off

There is nothing I dislike about this wallet. It is everything I could have wanted. Thank you.

custom t shirt maker

These shorts are well made and fit as one would expect. The fabric is nice & thick and washes up pretty nicely. I expect them to last a long time.

Fabric is stretchy and thin. Openings for mouth make breathing easy and had no issues fogging up my sunglasses. Has been used in temperatures over 90 degrees for fishing all day. Great sun protection. Seems to roll up a bit at back of neck so watch that area so it does not get sun burned.

Perfect size, well made bag.

Bought for 15 year old son. He loves them.

I love these soft compression socks as they are comfortable and great for my daily walking routine. However, I accidentally threw a pair in the dryer with my towels and they’ve shrunk so badly that I don’t think I can get them on again. My bad. I would have given 5-stars otherwise but I feel there should have been more warnings about machine drying them.

cdg t shirt

Got this for a gift. I'm sure the person will enjoy it. It's durable and lightweight. Made from durable material.


country music and beer t shirt

I absolutely love this purse!! Could not be happier with the quality, fast shipping, and overall stylish look!

winter soldier t shirt

My husband loves this wallet. Very practical.

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